Merries Diapers Pull-up Pants Size XL (18-22kg) 38pcs - Made in Japan

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Merries Diapers Pull-up Pants Size XL (18-22kg) 38pcs - Made in Japan


Merries Dipaer is No.1 brand in Japan's Baby Diaper market since 1983. Merries' attention to detail in ensuring a peace of mind is typical of Japanese craftsmanship, which spare no effort in the quest to protect baby's delicate skin.


What's the exceptional features of Merries Diapers?  


  • The Triple Layer air-through system expels moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper
  • Long-lasting dryness: Merries diapers are 40% more breathable to prevent diaper rash 
  • Wavy surface and side gathers to prevent leakage 
  • The diaper stays snugly in place whatever position baby is in
  • Ultra soft and fluffy surface that is super gentle to baby's skin 
  • Superb absorbency: the polymers in Merris diapers can absorb up to 200-300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight.  
  • Colour-changing wetness indicators 
  • Instantly draws in and locks away pee, leaving the diaper surface drier for longer usage.
  • Does not stick to your baby's skin so your baby stays dry and comfortable.
  • Fit snugly in all positions, stretch gently around your baby's waist.
  • No red marks or abrasions at the crotch area!


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