Food Mill F800 (11526)

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The BabySteps Food Mill is the same original idea; only better! It also still operates the same way, only this new model has a medical grade stainless steel strainer and cutting blade set. We've added a non-skid bottom, making it more stable on the table or countertop, and a non-skid grip so hands don't slip during use. A snap on lid makes this a great item to toss in a diaper bag. All left over food stays inside until its ready for the dishwasher. The zippered, nylon tote is also great for traveling as it conveniently stores the Food Mill and feeding accessories before and after use. 
• 4 oz. serving cup 
• Medical grade stainless steel strainer and cutting blade 
• Snap on lid 
• Non-skid grip and base 
• Dishwasher safe 
• F710

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