Uppababy Stroller Tune-up Event

Posted by active baby on 2018 Apr 22nd

Uppababy Stroller Tune-up

Is your stroller not working like it did when you first built it? The Uppababy team dropped by our North Vancouver store for a tune up event- they showed us how to bring new life to strollers. Watch the video above to learn how to do the same to your stroller (you can do this to any make/model)! 

Supplies used: 

  • Any spray such as WD40 or Jig-A-Loo (The one used in the video) 
  • Grease 
  • Lysol wipes or your favourite disinfectant to clean the stroller 

Here is a quick run down on what was covered in the tune-up: 

  • Check all moving parts 

Ensure to check every moving part of the stoller to see if there are any problems areas. For example- the handle bar adjuster, seat and foot rest adjuster, the fold, wheels brakes etc. 

  • Spray major joints

Use the spray of your choice to spray all major joints of the stroller. This includes the suspension, back brake, seat adjuster, fold triggers, seat release buttons.. etc

  • Take off all of the wheels 

Removing all of the wheels is a great way to get into the nooks and crannies of your stroller. Wipe out the inside of the wheel wells with your wipe/rag to get rid of and dirt or debris that has accumulated. Repeat this for all 4 wheels. 

  • Test the brake pins 

Check to see if the brake pin engages with the wheels still off. For a visual check out 3:40 of the video. 

  • Grease wheels

Use the grease of your choice on the wheels shafts so you can stroll smoothly . 

  • Rust?

For any noticeable rust on your stroller, use Jig-A-Loo as it dissolves and penetrates any rust or corrosion.

Lastly, give your stroller a good wipe down wit a disinfectant and to wipe away and excess spray. 

It is recommended to do this tune up every season or at least every 6 months. Thanks again Uppababy & happy strolling!!!

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