Belly Phones (13265)

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Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones

Bellybuds make an ideal pregnancy or baby shower gift. Play prenatal music or the recorded voices of loved ones to the womb using VoiceShare, our FREE voice recording platform at bellybuds dot com. Bellybuds are specialized, wearable speakers for expectant mothers that have been uniquely designed to conveniently and safely allow the playing of music and voices to a developing child in the womb. Bellybuds consist of two modular bellyphones that gently adhere to the varying curvature of a growing belly with skin-safe, form-fitting hydrogel adhesive rings. With its comfortable belt-less design that is all but invisible under clothing, expectant mothers may now bond with and share the pleasure of music and voices with their child in virtually any location. Bellybuds plug into any standard digital music player or sound device and are easily transportable. Now every mom-to-be can enjoy audio in utero on the go! 

Included with your purchase of bellybuds: 
  • One pair of Bellybuds bellyphones 
  • One pair of sound-dampening covers 
  • Two sets of hydrogel adhesive rings 
  • Two Bellybuds "docks" for safe, convenient storage 
  • One audio splitter for simultaneous listening
  • One neoprene carry pouch with belt clip

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